The No. 1 skill you need to be future ready is anticipation

The No. 1 skill you need to be future ready is the ability to anticipate future trends and create opportunities. Period.

The AICPA’s tech subsidiary, CPA.com released a report titled The CPA of the Future 2015 last December that found only 8 percent of CPAs deemed themselves future ready. The report defined future ready as, “the capacity to be aware, predictive, and adaptive of emerging challenges, tech innovations, and trends and changes in business, population, and social environment.”

Since then, we have been thinking about how we can move that dial up significantly above that 8 percent mark. Then we reconnected with Daniel Burrus, a world-renowned futurist and New York Times best-selling author who works with some of the top organizations in the world to help them deal with the future.

Anticipatory Organization™: Accounting & Finance Edition in the News from Tom Hood, CPA,CITP,CGMA

On Aug. 6, we released the Anticipatory Organization™: Accounting and Finance Edition (AOAF), a revolutionary learning system created by Burrus Research, designed to teach accounting and finance professionals the competency of “anticipation” and the related competencies of strategic thinking, being future-focused, proactive, innovative, and externally aware. In other words, it teaches you anticipation, the No.1 skill you need to be future ready.

On May 4, Daniel Burrus came to Maryland and gave a preview of this program to major accolades from an audience of over 200 CPAs, finance and accounting professionals. In that brief preview, the group applied the concepts from Dan’s AOAF presentation and came up with a set of remarkable opportunities based on the hard trends of technology, demographics, and government regulation. The Hard Trends and Opportunities Report proves how effective this approach can be. The accounting and financial press have been covering our efforts ever since and they seem to agree that this is needed more than ever.

Here is what they are saying:

Our revolutionary approach is designed to teach you these critical competencies in the least amount of time and applied to your work and context. The Anticipatory Organization™: Accounting and Finance Edition (AOAF demo video) is a series of four modules and twenty-eight lessons of short (two to three minutes) single-concept videos with rapid application worksheets. It also qualifies for five (5) hours of CPE, not including the rapid application worksheets.

This exciting program is available to individuals, teams, and entire organizations. You can get it online at www.blionline.org/ao or contact our Business Learning Institute for group sales mailto:info@blionline.org or phone 888-481-3500.

What are you doing to get yourself and your team future ready?


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