Stop selling. Start solving … and healing.

I attend a lot of amazing conferences, and I listen to my fair share of amazing thought leaders, and I’m here to tell you that at times, the most profound encyclopedias of knowledge come from the shortest, simplest bits of wisdom.

Case in point: David Bell.

A professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Bell delivered a keynote address at the recent DigitalNow Conference that centered on digital consumerism, but it was a line in the middle of his talk that hit me hardest.

“I don’t make money when I sell books,” said Bell, borrowing a quote from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. “I make money when I help customers make better decisions.”

Bezos was talking about Amazon’s revolutionary customer reviews at the time, but the concept goes far beyond that.

Here’s what I think Bell was saying: Quit worrying about your products and sales, your margins and KPIs. Start worrying about your customers. What problems do they have? Can you help solve those problems? Can you help your clients manage today’s chaos and complexity and find the opportunities those changes offer?

Stay focused on the wellness of your customers and the money will take care of itself.

And speaking of wellness: It starts at home. Keep your own people well, and they’ll take care of your customers … which will boost the bottom line in return. The World Health Organization estimates that for every dollar you invest in the wellness of your employees, you’ll receive up to $6 back.

Keep your people well. They’ll keep your customers well. Your customers will keep you well.



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