Grace Ensures Accountability and Compliance with On-Site Training from BLI

Grace’s relationship with BLI began out of a need to implement a strong plan of learning for their financial staff. This was especially crucial because they were undergoing a time of business transition, during which they wanted to have the highest standards for the finance team. Some deeper thinking about the future of the company was happening among leadership, and improving the quality and accessibility of CPE was one of the ways forward that had been identified.

BLI has partnered with Grace’s finance accounting leadership to create meaningful learning for every accounting professional at Grace. On the whole, they are now able to offer their people 5-6 On-Site CPE courses a year. About 30-80 people participate in each of these classes regularly. This year, they are adding a special event, Finance Leadership Week, which will feature sessions with BLI thought leaders and have an attendance of about 25.

The BLI team acts as a strategic partner with Grace’s finance accounting leadership. BLI’s flexibility and willingness to customize content for Grace’s people is a major benefit of the relationship.


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