Larry Signorelli Attends BLI Seminars to Stay Current

Larry Signorelli is the CFO of Vane Brothers, a company that provides maritime services to petroleum industry clients working in the East Coast ports from New York to Jacksonville. He enjoys coming to training seminars led by the Business Learning Institute for three main reasons.

The first reason is that Larry doesn’t want to have on blinders that focus him too much on his own industry or business. “BLI makes people think outside the box. We learn about disciplines, challenges, and opportunities of other industries and companies that are relevant to our own. It keeps us current,” he says.

The second reason is the quality of the instructors. In particular, Larry likes that BLI instructors can go “off syllabus.” “If an interesting point comes up, BLI instructors are knowledgeable and flexible enough to run with it. They let us pursue any and all ideas.”

The third reason is the personal interaction with peers. Larry indicates that BLI seminars promote discussion with the CFOs and other professionals who attend. But the seminars also provoke unique discussion with the leadership in his own organization. In turn, new ideas and initiatives are rolled out to the entire company.

It’s our goal to put on seminars that not only provide great content but are enjoyable. Our instructors play a huge role in making this a reality for attendees. And we want to thank those like Larry, whose active participation and investment in our events helps us to accomplish that goal.


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