You’ll never work alone (again)!

Whitewater Rafting“In the age of collaboration, change can roll over your professional life like a tsunami if you’re not proactive. It’s one thing to keep an eye on trends such as mobile learning, talent management, and the latest insights on leadership development, but it’s quite another to recalibrate your skills, your job, your thinking, and your professional relationships to keep pace.” – Pat Galagan – “You'll Never Work Alone”

I ran across this feature article in ASTD's T&D magazine and found it very relevant to what we have been seeing as a major theme and skill set for the “new normal”, collaboration. 

 Pat outlines six emerging themes facing HR & L&D (Learning & Development):

  1. From Hero Leadership to Collective Leadership
  2. From Intellectual property to agile co-creativity
  3. From Employment value proposition to personal value proposition
  4. From Sameness to segmentation
  5. From Fatigue to sustainability
  6. From Persuasion to education 

And the HR and Learning & Development functions will have to align the business strategy wit the leanring and development functions to stay relevant in a rapidly changing and more complex world.

Read the full article here.

“Determining what to measure will be a collaborative effort involving not only the stakeholders in managing talent across the organization, but their CEOs,” says Tony Bingham, president and CEO of ASTD. “Time and again, CEOs have told me that they know learning and development is working when they see progress toward key strategic goals,” says Bingham. “Making that link clearer will be an essential component of any new metrics for the learning profession.”

The experience curve just can't keep up anymore – from CPA Success

That is why, here at BLI, we have developed several offerings that teach collaborative skills or use collaboration in planning:

Contact Pam Devine pam@bizlearning.net for more information.

The collaboration curve is here – Adapt or Die!


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