What keeps CFOs and finance pros up at night?

DSC05381 That was the topic at our Business and Industry Roundtable last week. The issues may surprise you.

Here are the top 10 trends and issues facing CFOs and finance professionals:

  1. Communicating effectively (new tools vs. face-to-face)
  2. Talent / training / succession planning
  3. Economic environment
  4. Generational / work-life balance
  5. Supply chain / rising costs
  6. Strategic planning in uncertainty
  7. Financial literacy about business
  8. Increasing government regulations
  9. IT security / privacy
  10. Multi-tasking and increasing workload

These were developed after hearing updates by Tom Foard (an AICPA Board of Directors member and past chair of the MACPA and the AICPA BIEC) and Joeslin Martin (chair of the MACPA's Business and Industry Committee). The group also came up with some brainstorms for MACPA to help them deal with this increasingly complex and uncertain environment.

Here were some of my favorite insights from this engaging dialogue:

Here is a copy of the meeting notes:

MACPA Business & Industry Roundtable – August 2011

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How are you dealing with this rapidly changing environment?


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