Don’t get stuck!

Help others go farther or What got you here won't get you there…

One thing people seem to agree on is that the current business landscape is fundamentally different than prior recession-recovery cycles. This is longer, more uncertain, more global, more unemployment, more risk, more debt, more government, more…

That is what Seth Godin's latest post caught my attention. He makes the point that as we grow in our careers and jobs (a nd he is not talking about age), we can make the mistake of thinking that we already have all the answers. Here is an excerpt from his post, Senior Management,

“A forty-year old internet executive who has been running his company for decades misses one new trend after another, because he's still living in 1998.

One thing that happens to management when they get senior is that they get stuck. (As we saw with the new professor, senior isn't about old, it's about how long you've been there).

If you've been doing it forever, you discover (but may not realize) that the things that got you this power are no longer dependable.

Reliance on the tried and true can backfire…”

Or, what got you here won't get you there. The point for me is as a leader, don't forget that “we are smarter than me.” Next time before you give the answer, check with your team, even the “junior” members and let them help you from getting stuck.


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