Who are you? The answer’s your key to success

Here are some terrific observations from BLI instructor Greg Conderacci:

As a little pre-Memorial Day Weekend gift to the accounting profession, marketing guru and master blogger Seth Godin made the following comment on his blog:

Take a look at just about any industry with many competitors — colleges, hotels, sedans, accounting firms (especially accounting firms) …

The websites bend over backwards to be just like all the others. You can't identify one hotel website from another if you delete the name of the hotel (unless there's a beach or a snow-capped mountain in the background).

Sometimes, we try so hard to fit in we give consumers no choice but to seek out the cheapest. After all, if everything is the same, why not buy what's cheap and close?

How about a site that says, “Here's why we're different.” And means it.

In an industry where competition is intense, every firm — indeed, every CPA — should be able to answer the question, “Why you?”  Why should a prospect select your firm over all the others?  If your website or your marketing literature or your colleagues don't have a good, DIFFERENTIABLE answer, you're in trouble.

Surprisingly many firms THINK they are differentiating themselves … until they look at other websites that say the same thing as they do.

Yet, there is hope. In essence, firms sell their people and people are infinitely differentiable.

How do you differentiate your firm?  By answering fundamental questions about who you are — really.

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