When chaos creeps home, here’s a path to peace

PeaceAsk me for one word to describe the past year and I might just settle on “turbulent.”

You know how the weather folks always describe a hurricane as “churning?” Finance types seem to like “turbulent” as a recessionary adjective. We've used it time and time again right here in this blog.

Here's the thing, though: These posts speaks of turbulence in business terms — the uncertainty that the recession has caused our companies and clients. Most of the advice that's been doled out during this recession centers on calming our professional waters and building a foundation for future success.

But what about our personal waters? Amid all of this talk, it's easy to lose sight of life's really important stuff. How is all of this turbulence impacting the people we love, and what can we do to protect them?

Gretchen Pisano has a few ideas.

Gretchen is creator of Sounding Board Ink Coaching, a coaching practice that uses visual and verbal techniques “to live a life of purpose.” She is also a “master life coach” and a master's candidate in applied positive psychology at University of Pennsylvania.

Her advice centers on bringing order to the chaos of our daily lives, on bringing a bit of calm and stability to our most important relationships. It all boils down to six steps:

Read Gretchen's advice in its entirety, then tell us: How do you calm the turbulent waters of your life?

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