Recession drags on, but opportunities abound

Arrow We've heard all about the threats this recession poses to businesses, and frankly, we're tired of it.

Let's hear about the opportunities.

They're everywhere, if you believe Frank Ryan. He's a CPA, a Business Learning Institute instructor and president of a management consulting firm that specializes in turnarounds, crisis management, strategic planning and the like. He has a ton of ideas about how businesses can not only survive the recession, but actually set themselves up to thrive once it ends.

In a recent phone interview, he offered up these tips:

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be honest, trustworthy and ethical.

“Now's the time for all of us to deal honestly with one another,” Ryan says. “Integrity is of the greatest importance. People need to be able to trust one another in business. We've heard comments about corporate greed, about excessive pay, about all sorts of irresponsible activities. The reality is it's about personal responsibility and integrity. One of the great things that's come out of all this is that people are starting to pay attention to that again.”

What are you doing to position your company to thrive in the post-recession world? Think about it, then check out these related resources:

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