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The Dynamics of Teams – Combining Strengths to Optimize Your TeamCOURSE ID: DYNTEAMS

People perform best in jobs that suit them – and each person is different. By understanding the dynamics of your team and the natural strengths of each person, you can understand both the composite and individual strengths, viewpoints, communication and leadership within the team and better position both the team and team members for success.

DESIGNED FOR: This course will work for any team or group. It is especially helpful for teams that are focused on a common performance goal or objective.FIELD OF STUDY: Personal DevelopmentLEVEL: BasicPREREQUISITES: Team members will be required to complete a ProScan survey at least three days prior to the class. This web-based tool will require approximately 10 minutes to complete.COURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 4.0OBJECTIVES:
  • Measure and understand the strengths of each team member
  • Understand how these strengths impact team culture
  • Determine how individual leadership and communication styles will affect team interactions and performance

This course will start with developing an understanding of each person’s core metrics – what are their basic traits, and corresponding measurements of logic styles, energy levels, and stress levels. It will cover the impact of the work environment on each person, and how it can create stress (both positive and negative) and cause people to behave differently than their natural style. Once it is understood how each person is different, and what their unique “profiles” are, including leadership and communication styles, we will look at how these profiles combine in a specific team environment. The team “profile” will be analyzed and reviewed. We will discuss how this team can best make progress towards goals, and what the strengths of the team as a group are, as well as where the team could improve its profile.

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