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Strengths-based Leadership for Organizational SuccessCOURSE ID: COMEHOME

In this interactive workshop, the first in our Coming Home series, you will gain new information, fresh inspiration and the opportunity to integrate your learnings into your individual day-to-day. Utilizing strength theory out of the field of positive psychology, and Gallup’s Strength Based Leadership assessment, you will explore your strengths and differentiate them from your talents and skills. You will rediscover what is at your core and how to reap the benefits of using them on a regular basis.

This workshop, led by a Plink coach instructor, focuses on the application of the insights gained through the Gallup assessment since knowledge is only power if you use it.

This workshop is part 1 in a series of three ½ day workshops; deliverable as a stand-alone as well.

DESIGNED FOR: Anyone who wants to better understand their strengths, i.e. their “way of doing” in the world, and how to work from them; especially useful for managers and leaders interested in maximizing the performance of their teams(s).FIELD OF STUDY: Personal DevelopmentLEVEL: BasicPREREQUISITES: Completion of the Strengths Based Leadership Assessment by Gallup. ($9.99 online)COURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 4.0OBJECTIVES:
  • Understand Strengths theory and it’s link to what matters in life
  • Understand your unique set of strengths and how they “show up”
  • Understand your strengths in excellence and excess
  • Reveal your habits of strength use (or not)
  • Develop strategies for living and leading from a strength based core

* Gallup Strength Based Leadership Profile * Seeing how your strengths look aside others * Exploration of strengths and how the same strengths differ by person and why * The difference between Signature Strengths and Situational Strengths * Opportunity to creatively strategize on how to bring your strengths to the forefront on daily basis

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