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Real Estate Decisions and the Role of Change ManagementCOURSE ID: RECHANGE

In today’s climate of shrinking real estate portfolios, escalating mobile technologies, and competition for knowledge workers, it is critical that corporate leaders understand the importance of leading change in their organizations when embarking on renovation or new construction projects. Change Management programs that support the implementation of new workplace strategies are no longer optional. Even small-scale renovations may require a Change Management program if the change is perceived to be disruptive in the eyes of valued stakeholders.

Attend this dynamic session and learn how to position Change Management in your organization, from the C-suite to front-line staff members. Learn the critical components of a successful Change Management program, and how to link key deliverables in a timely manner to support the design and construction phases of the project while engaging stakeholders so that they actually embrace the upcoming change. Real-life examples will be shared in an image-rich presentation so that attendees will be equipped to apply ideas and benefit from lessons learned.

DESIGNED FOR: Corporate managers and leaders who are contemplating an office relocation or renovation project, especially if plans include significant cultural or workplace changes, e.g. from private offices to more open plan, increased telework, etc.FIELD OF STUDY: Business Mgmt & OrganizationLEVEL: BasicPREREQUISITES: NoneCOURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 1.0OBJECTIVES:
  • Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Outline business case for Change Management, including appropriate scope of Change Management effort
  • Describe steps to leading a Change Management program, whether internally or with an external consultant
  • Cite the critical components of a successful Change Management program
  • Describe several Change Management deliverables that are often included in successful renovation or new construction projects

* INTRODUCTION: Introduce the need for Change Management (CM) as it relates to renovation or new construction projects. Poll the audience on the types of change they are implementing, such as:
a. Moving people from closed to open office
b. Smaller offices, workstations, benching
c. Activity Based Working (ABW) where desks are mostly unassigned
d. Mobility program to encourage remote work
e. The CEO’s vision, and only his/her vision
f. Other

* MAKING THE BUSINESS CASE: Determine if Change Management is critical for organization’s business success:
a. Assess whether a project needs CM
b. Prepare for conversations with the C-Suite
c. Importance of Linking to Business Goals/Mission
d. Research to support the need for CM
• Internal HR metrics
• Practical issues specific to your organization
e. Brief examples of organizations that have successfully implemented CM
• Includes Commonwealth Bank in Sydney Australia when they implemented ABW in 2011 and GSK with ABW in 2012; HanesBrands Inc. in Winston-Salem, NC; and Federal, State and Local Government CM programs
f. Brief examples of organizations that omitted or curtailed CM and admittedly regretted (organizations will be unnamed but include an energy company and a consumer goods company)
g. Clarify the Return on Investment, with cost of CM to cost of not implementing CM

* LEADING THE CM PROGRAM: Six Steps to leading a CM program:
a. Appoint Change Leadership
b. Outline Vision and Success Factors
c. Create Agents of Change
d. Develop a Communications Plan
e. Engage stakeholders, early and often
f. Support and Reinforce

a. Top Down as well as Bottom Up approach
b. Clear vision and goals
c. Begins Early, and Parallels Design/Construction process
d. Identification of active Change Agents
e. Robust and comprehensive communications planning

* EXAMPLES FROM EFFECTIVE CM PROGRAMS: Pictures are worth 10,000 words!


Will share the risks and “lessons learned” from NOT implementing CM as well “things that could have gone better.”

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