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Learning that Matters Collabinar (web-based collaborative action- learning experience)COURSE ID: LTMTT

Imagine this … • You design and deliver an engaging learning experience that is filled with excellent ideas and content highly relevant to your participants’ work
• Your participants set clear goals with action plans for applying the concepts at work
• They decide whose support and assistance they need and with whom they need to share their learning
• They immediately begin applying what they have learned and start seeing and documenting early results
• They continue enacting their plans and start to develop new habits that help them do their work differently and better
• They begin to see and record positive results

Back to reality: Most learning never gets applied and becomes “learning scrap.”

Imagination becomes reality …
Bring a specific learning project to this collabinar and work with colleagues to turn it into Learning That Matters – learning that delivers on the promise of achieving meaningful personal and business impact Leveraging ThinkTank technology, you will actively apply a proven approach to getting results.

This ThinkTank Collabinar will be unlike any other web-based learning you have experienced. In preparation, you will view a 10-minute BLI LIVE video overview to the Six Disciplines. The three-hour collabinar, delivered on the ThinkTank collaboration platform, will be highly interactive and focused on developing and improving one of your programs. A complete report of your collective input and results will be produced and available immediately.

DESIGNED FOR: Learning and business leaders concerned with delivering measurable business results from learning programs, meetings, events, and other development initiatives.FIELD OF STUDY: Business Mgmt & OrganizationLEVEL: IntermediatePREREQUISITES: Bring a specific learning project to work on during the session.COURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 3.0OBJECTIVES:
  • • Learn the principles of designing and delivering learning experiences that matter … that deliver measurable results that really stick.
    • Apply innovative models and frameworks to one of your learning programs.
    • Begin a development journey that helps you experience and deliver change and business impact.
    • Become part of a community of people who strive to achieve “Learning that Matters."

An introduction to the Progression of Learning Value (POLV™) and the Six Disciplines that lead beyond understanding to application, change and measurable results:

* Define clear and measurable business and personal outcomes
* Design complete experiences – processes not events.
* Deliver customized programs in ways that ensure application
* Drive follow through and practice to build new habits
* Deploy and access resources for support
* Document, measure, and report results

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