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Extraordinary Endurance: Leadership Lessons from the Long RoadCOURSE ID: EXENDURE

When the prospects are daunting, the pain is immediate and the goal far away, endurance can be the most valuable leadership quality. If you’re confronting a challenge and wondering “How will I ever get through this?”, then this course is designed for you. Taught by two instructors who have crossed the country (one on foot and one on a bicycle), the course taps both their experience and their research into energy, endurance, leadership — and tackling tough tasks.

Frank Ryan, CPA and Greg Conderacci are two of BLI’s most popular instructors. Frank, a retired USMC Colonel, walked from San Diego to Ocean City, MD. Greg, an ultra-distance bike racer, rode from Seattle to Williamsburg, VA. Both raised money for their favorite charities along the way. Both have many years of experience in leading teams through difficult times.

DESIGNED FOR: Everyone, but especially leaders, facing difficult challenges, changes or crises.FIELD OF STUDY: Personal DevelopmentLEVEL: BasicPREREQUISITES: NoneCOURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 4.0OBJECTIVES:
  • Learn how to manage your energy, boost your morales (and your team’s) and keep on keeping on. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to
  • Define the sources of energy
  • Describe ways to keep motivated
  • Describe ways to avoid endurance “sink Holes”
  • Describe various emotions and how to best use them

• PIES: the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual sources of energy

• Motivation: finding it; sharing it; keeping it…regardless

• Realistic optimism: the power of a good story

• Endurance “sink holes” — and how to avoid them

• Dealing with unexpected setbacks — and support

• Practice, Preparation and MacGyver: how to be ready for anything.

• The little things that make a big difference (and the big things that don’t)

• Cool: keeping it in hot times

• Put your mask on first: caring for your self and your team in difficult times

• Using love, hate, fear, pride and other emotions

• Music, and other strong drugs

• Storms, setbacks, retreats, reassessments … and quitting

• Lucky accidents

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