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Executive PresenceCOURSE ID: EXECPRES

Executive Presence: The ability to project gravitas–confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness. Communication, including speaking skills, assertiveness and the ability to read an audience or situation, and appearance contribute to a person’s perceived executive presence. Executive presence requires one to know one’s message, manifesto and core genius – participants in this course will learn how to create and implement their message and manifesto and develop their core genius. Participants will be given clear guidelines for behaviors and a toolkit to develop and grow their executive presence covering everything from effective communications in all mediums, phone, email and text and how to leverage personal presence and developing genuine trust relationships and strong support networks.”Twenty-eight per cent [of CEOs] said exceptional communication skills are what define leadership material.” Forbes Presentation and speaker training will also be included.

DESIGNED FOR: All who want to increase their executive presenceFIELD OF STUDY: Personal DevelopmentLEVEL: BasicPREREQUISITES: NoneCOURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 8.0OBJECTIVES:
  • Authentic - honest, straightforward, comfortable in your skin, no superficiality or posing.
  • Clarity. Communicate thoughts, feelings, and insights in crystal clarity and simplicity.
  • Intelligence and intellectual curiosity
  • Passion. You love and feel strongly about what you do and how you do it.
  • Insight and intuition. The ability to cut to the chase or the “heart of the matter”
  • Determination. Determined to achieve and succeed. Purpose driven.
  • Confidence. Not overconfident, but with enough self-doubt to be objective.
  • Charisma – to inspire people to follow you.
  • Vulnerability. The willingness to admit mistakes, ask for help and be human.
  • Courage. Willingness to take risks and take a position. Fearlessness.
  • Humor. Do not take yourself or situations too seriously. The ability to tactfully use humor.
  • Dependability
  • Flexibility

* Body language * Use of language * Tone of Voice * Dress * Conduct * Leadership * How to develop confidence and esteem that underpin executive presence * How to give and receive feedback effectively * How to connect instead of transact * How to create an environment of respect * How to maintain your “cool” under pressure

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