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Excel + Outlook + Word + Adobe Acrobat + Windows – Improve Personal ProductivityCOURSE ID: OFADBWIN

Improve your personal productivity by knowing how these programs complement each other and learn quicker techniques to get your work done. This fast-paced course is designed to focus on a combination of important business productivity features in Excel, Outlook, Word, Adobe Acrobat and Windows. The content of this presentation applies to Microsoft Office versions 2013 and 2016, Adobe Acrobat versions X or XI and Windows 7 or Windows 10. (Format choices: “Lecture only with live demo” or “hands-on, instructor-led group training”)

DESIGNED FOR: CPAs and Professionals at all levels of an organization using Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, Windows, and Adobe Acrobat who desire to learn new time-saving tips to improve productivityFIELD OF STUDY: Computer ScienceLEVEL: UpdatePREREQUISITES: Prior experience using Microsoft OfficeCOURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 8.0OBJECTIVES:
  • Utilize best practices and time-saving business tips in Excel, Outlook, Word, Adobe Acrobat and Windows for managing spreadsheets and data, searching business email, appointments and contacts, working with business documents, and manipulating PDFs
  • Perform data analysis and reporting
  • Control document formatting
  • Integrate Excel data into Word
  • Create, annotating and securing PDF files
  • Search and manage files using Windows 7 or 10 features

Excel Features:
* Review and check formula calculations quickly * Identify trends in data and find duplicates using Excel’s conditional formatting features * Track key performance indicators with new business graphics * Perform quick data analysis using Excel’s Table and Pivot Table features * Enhance Pivot Table results with slicers to filter data * Create dynamic Excel business charts in seconds * Incorporate new Sparkline graphics into individual cells to display trends in data * Explore interactivity between Excel and Word * Create PDFs from Excel with security settings

Outlook Features
* Use the new instant search email features to find email and attachment content * Search all folders including archive folders * Trigger email and attach files from Excel, Word and PowerPoint * Use the new conversation view to track and cleanup email threads quickly Share Calendars, overlay Calendars and use privacy controls * Schedule a meeting from an email message and invite everyone addressed in the email in one click * Explore Calendar views and email flag settings in the ToDo Bar and Calendar peek * Explore features and tips to manage Contacts * Create PDFs from Outlook email with security settings

Word Features:
* Easily incorporate Excel data ranges into Word documents with updating links * Apply styles and formatting in documents including page numbering and watermark * Use Tables and Tabs within Table columns for aligning numbers * Use new options to protect private information * Use AutoCorrect Features to save typing time * Create PDFs from Word with security settings

Adobe Acrobat Features:
* Create, modify and protect PDF documents * Use a digital signature to certify and secure a PDF * Apply OCR in order to search the content of a PDF * Navigate to specific content in a PDF document * Create Bookmarks interactively from a Table of Contents in a Word document * Create and use stamps and other annotations * Add, delete, extract, replace and print pages * Organize and combine multiple PDF documents * Apply fill-in and save form features in a PDF

Windows 7 or 10 Features:
* Manage files, folders, and libraries * Use new search features for quick access to files, email and programs * Customize Start and the taskbar with hyperlinks and pinned programs and files * Use effective document switching techniques and side by side viewing * Manage Power Settings

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