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Coming Home: Strengths-based Leadership for Personal and Organizational Prosperity Part 3 – Defining the Sweet SpotCOURSE ID: COMHOME3

The third strength-focused workshop in our Coming Home series, this workshop will introduce you the triple overlap of your strengths, your values and what other people value. During Coming Home workshops 1 and 2 participants identified and explored their values and strengths, during this experience each participant will see how that knowledge can be put to use defining the “sweet spot” of being well-compensated for doing what comes naturally to you and in alignment with your most closely held values. Contrary to popular belief, you can do what you love and be well paid but only if you know what those things are.

From an organizational point of view, understanding how this “triple overlap” plays out (or doesn’t) within your organization can open the doorway to greater organizational prosperity as people working from this convergence point are happier, more productive, more motivated, more creative and more engaged. Managers and leaders who understand the how to define the triple overlap for themselves and others will be highly successful in building a team of people invested in what they are doing.

This workshop is part 3 in a series of three ½ day workshops.

DESIGNED FOR: Anyone who wants to enrich their life and work experience and well-being by increasing the awareness, exploration and application of their character strengths and values in action.FIELD OF STUDY: Personal DevelopmentLEVEL: BasicPREREQUISITES: Completion of Coming Home workshops 1 and 2COURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 4.0OBJECTIVES:
  • Participants will
  • Learn the Triple Play model by Dr. Scott Snooks, Harvard Business School
  • Utilize their new found knowledge of their strengths and values in a work/life integration model
  • Recognize what they have been historically valued for, i.e., their unique contribution that has value in the marketplace
  • Define their “sweet spot”
  • Get clear on their next steps for creating great personal prosperity and well-being
  • Translate their learnings to the organizational context

* Explore Dr. Scott Snooks’ model of flourishing, The Triple Play * Integrate the learning from Coming Home workshops 1 and 2 into a conceptual framework that addresses the work/life integration challenges * Get clear on what you want and the help you need * Improve your ability to utilize your strengths, articulate your values and recognize what you have that the world values

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