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Coaching for Impact – Generational DiversityCOURSE ID: IMPACT

The fourth in a series of 12 modules from the Leadership Academy of Excellence™ Series, this program focuses on the essential building blocks to interacting with the five diverse generational segmentations in today’s work place. Discover ways to interactively build a greater understanding among group business units (teams, committees, strategic business units, etc.)

DESIGNED FOR: Middle to Upper Management, Executive Management, Government OfficialsFIELD OF STUDY: Personnel/HRLEVEL: IntermediatePREREQUISITES: Managerial experienceCOURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 4.0OBJECTIVES:
  • This program will enable participants to:
  • Learn how generational differences can become an organization’s diversity advantage by gaining a better understanding of the professional operational DNA of each generation-similarities and differences and what all this means for better interactions
  • Learn a five-step communication intervention plan and to determine optimal managerial-leadership-coaching engagement style
  • Explore the six different managerial-leadership coaching styles and how to instantly determine which intervention style will be best in any given situation
  • Learn how to maintain balance and perspective in the heat of any difficult situation
  • Identify the seven core ethics of leadership success today and what this means to you and your organization
  • Enhance your ability to manage yet lead people to greater levels of greatness
  • Learn a five step communication interaction formula for significantly increased interactive communication exchanges

* Understanding generational differences * Five-step communication intervention plan * Six Managerial-Leadership coaching styles * Maintain balance and perspective in the heat of any difficult situation * Seven core ethics of leadership success * Hands-off style of leadership “coaching” * Direct reports are graphed for identification of present ability set and taught ways to grow and subsequently empower each * Outline four powerful ways to objectively access individuals as strategic assets for more effective utilization of personnel * Five step communication interaction formula * Action steps for increased professional relationship cohesiveness

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