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Bringing it Home: The Triple Play Unlocking the Mystery of Integrating Your Work Life and Your Life’s WorkCOURSE ID: TRIPPLAY

Bringing it Home: The Triple Play is a 1-day condensed version of our Coming Home Series. In this accelerated format, participants will explore the Triple Play concept, introduced by Dr. Scott Snooks (Harvard Business School) and the insight it provides to engaging your workforce in the work and daily life of the organization.The key to an engaged workforce is progress on meaningful work and a positive inner work life, i.e., individuals are working on stuff that matters to them and feel positive and optimistic about the time that they spend on that work. Whether you make widgets or world peace, there is a path to this kind of integrated work/life: working from your natural strengths, and in alignment with your most closely held values on work that the organization values. When was the last time you asked your people what they cared about? Do your recruits and new hires know what you stand for? In this interactive workshop you’ll learn the keys to engaging the hearts and minds of your workforce through the lens of strengths and values. Participants will explore the theory and apply the learnings in their personal contexts to enable the conversation at the organizational/group level.

DESIGNED FOR: Emerging, and seasoned leaders who are looking for a more sustainable striver pace. People curious about applying strength theory for individual development, team development and/or deepening organizational knowledge regarding human capital and strengths of culture.FIELD OF STUDY: Personal DevelopmentLEVEL: BasicPREREQUISITES: Completion of the Gallup Strength Based Leadership Assessment ($9.99, administered on-line) and the VIA Character Assessment (free, administered on-line).COURSE PRODUCER: Business Learning InstituteCREDITS: 8.0OBJECTIVES:
  • The Triple Play model
  • How to differentiate skills from strengths and why that matters
  • What their unique strength set is
  • What their unique value set is and why that matters…a lot
  • Understand the link between values and what we are most passionate about in life
  • Gain insight to the difference between work/life balance and work/life integration and the insight values brings to that challenge
  • Identify where their strengths and skills have value in the marketplace
  • Define the “sweet spot” of the Triple Play for themselves
  • Understand the implications within professional and personal contexts

* Who brings what strengths to the team * When a strength is not a good thing * Why a well-round and well-grounded team is the secret to high performing teams * Why effort and outcome are not always equal * Recognition of the role your values play in your experience * Understand how to use your values awareness to become a person engaged with your life, i.e., better leader, better colleague and happier all the way around * Why a rising tide lifts everyone * Why Triple Play matters to recruiting efforts and retaining outcomes

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