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2017 Productivity Tools ReviewCOURSE ID: PTSY014L

Back by popular demand and better than ever, this interactive “how to” course will help you get the most out of the tools you use every day and introduce some new tools that will help you become even more productive. This year’s tools include Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Outlook and OneNote, Password Keepers, Electronic Signatures, Tablet Shootout, Excel Business Intelligence Overview, Office 2016 and Windows 10. This fast paced course will provide valuable tips to become more efficient when using today’s technology tools. Whether its managing emails, annotating PDFs, organizing notes, creating passwords, signing documents, analyzing data, or using tablets, this course has something for everyone. Our focus will be on making every participant more productive.

DESIGNED FOR: Anyone who wants to save hours of time each week by using these popular tools more effectivelyFIELD OF STUDY: Specialized Knowledge & ApplicationLEVEL: IntermediatePREREQUISITES: Basic experience with Outlook and Adobe AcrobatCOURSE PRODUCER: CPA CrossingsCREDITS: 8.0OBJECTIVES:
  • To teach you specific tips, tricks and techniques on how to use these tools so that you can save a minimum of two to four hours of your time each week.
  • Learn how to do things with these popular tools so that you get more value from your investment.

Some of the topics that will be covered include: Outlook * Tips and tricks for organizing your email with folders, favorites, follow-up flags, category codes and customized view settings * Using Rules and Quick Steps to automate the processing of your email with maximum efficiency * Best practices for archiving your email for future reference * Optimizing the use of the Outlook search tools to find buried emails quickly Adobe Acrobat * Understanding the full range of features Adobe Acrobat has to offer * Learn how to take full advantage of the annotation and markup tools to automate your document review processes, including note tracking and management * Controlling your PDF files with Adobe’s security features, including encryption OneNote * Review of the breadth and depth of features OneNote offers to organize all of your notes in a central application * Ability to find and retrieve notes * Best practices for setting up your notes organization model Password Keepers * Explanation of what this “must have” utility application is all about * In-depth demonstration of how you can manage all of your passwords and other login credentials in one safe, secure and easy to access location * Overview of top selling password keeper applications Electronic Signatures * Learn about using electronic signatures * Learn the rules and legal aspects of electronic signatures Tablet Shootout * Overview of the tablet market (Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy, & more) * Explanation of what each tablet offers Excel Business Intelligence Overview * Introduction to the Excel 2013 Power BI (Business Intelligence) tools (PivotTables, PowerPivot, Power Query, Power View, Power Map) Office 2016 and Windows 10 * Review of the key new features of Microsoft’s newest Office Suite and Operating System

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